"What Women *Secretly* Wished YOU Knew About How To Sexually Stimulate, Bring Out Her **WILD SIDE**  & Get Her To Bed... But Will Never EVER Tell You To Your Face!"

You'll Uncover Subtle Yet POWERFUL Little 'Secrets'  On How To Instantly  Charm ANY Girl & Get Her *Smitten* Crazy... Spellbound To Give Herself ENTIRELY To YOUR Every Whim & Desire... From Us Women!

Dear Friend,

My name is Marni, you might know me from the dozens of appearances I've made on FOX, ABC News, David DeAngelo's Mastery Series, Elle Magazine, Men's Edge Magazine, AOL Personals, LA Times, Kevin & Bean, NPR, Huffington Post or heard me on numerous interviews with many of the world's top dating & relationship experts.

Many consider me to be *the* leading "female voice" in the Dating and Seduction Communities.

And as someone who has spent the last 7+ years of her life researching women and figuring exactly what they want in a man, I can tell you 3 things I know about women that are totally true:

  1. No one understands a woman's experience like a WOMAN.
  2. Women instinctively know what they emotionally respond to, what excites, attracts and stimulates them...  and it's sooo not what most guys assume it to be.
  3. Contrary to popular belief, women DO NOT respond to words or "sweet talk" as some might call it... but rather to an "energy"... I'll explain it in a bit...

But allow me to first say that it KILLS us to know that

Men Don't Have The Slightest Clue On What Women *REALLY* Want!

Whether your goal is to have a life filled to the brim with endless streams of beautiful women, to have one- night-stands, many one-night-stands (or just to get that one, awesome girl) you've always wanted, the steps to seduction always remain the same... and that's to understand a woman... deep into her very CORE. You'll have to understand exactly what's going on in her mind and how to really get deep into her skin, spark those tingly "can't sleep, can't eat" feelings so hard to the point that she only feels it for you... and no one else.

If you've ever suffered from the crippling pain of loneliness, have felt that irritating frustration of being ignored and flaked on by women, and are sick and tired of being confused about how women act, then you've come to the right place, because after going through this page, you'll know more about women than 99% of men on planet Earth.


Because this is the ONLY source guys can turn to to get real insight into how a woman's mind works. Here, you'll learn to decipher a woman's language to know what she really wants, how to read her body language so you know when she's attracted to you, and what  to do and say around women to get them eager and willing to do whatever *naughty* little things you want.

See, I want you to realize something... and that is that most advice you see out in the market these days which are created for men, by men, fail to realize one thing...

Only A Woman TRULY Knows Best What A Woman Wants... And It's NOT What You Think It Is!

Bottom line is this: I know how females work, what they want and why they do the things they do. I understand the difference between what women say they want from men and what they truly RESPOND to EVERY SINGLE TIME.

And mind you, I'm not a woman who just spits out the usual female advice. Nope. I tell that truth. Truth that most women themselves don't even know and if they did know, they would never say out loud for fear of the unwanted, negative, (bi#chy) labels she may receive.

You see... women are a proud lot. As we grow up, we are constantly being told to be sweet, kind and cautious of others feelings. We are also told to not say things that hurt others feelings... especially a guy's feelings. Which is why you are constantly confused by women because we say one thing and then do another, yes? :)

I know the same has held true for me many times in my life... I'd meet a guy, he'd totally be the sweetest, funniest, nicest guy;  saying and doing all the right things that would "naturally" make any girl melt and putty in his hands...its like deep down, I'd really want to like him, but then somehow, I just cannot feel it.

Sure, it's fun in the beginning while things are still new... but after a while, if he doesn't know what he's doing, how to trigger my sweet spots, etc, etc... things just get boring... and I'll quickly lose interest. I mean, any woman will lose interest. Duh.

On the other hand... if a guy... no wait... if YOU... if you can just hit it right where women feel it the most; if you can make a woman feel like the sexiest, sweetest thing on earth, if you can know how to stir up a woman's emotions, bring them back and forth and understand her better than she understands herself... Oh dear Lord...

She'll Be Yours FOREVER & Will Do Anything And EVERYTHING You Want Her To Do!

You see, we girls are all about FEELING and TIMING. A lot of guys don't realize that this combination has to be right in order for us to FEEL that it's right... it makes up a HUGE part of us!

As a woman, I'd be the first to admit how messed up it can be... what goes in our minds. Our actions are driven by soooo many different forces... female competition, insecurity, quest to be the IDEAL, etc, etc. There's so much going on up in our minds, sometimes it's near impossible to even "keep track" of things

... And that's exactly where I come in! I help break down all the craziness in a way that every man can understand. Once you understand, you can use your new found knowledge to get any woman you want :)

Put another way... women know exactly how a woman's mind works... how our hearts work... we understand feelings, we understand romancing and we certainly understand exactly how to be romanced in a way that drives us CRAZY!

But when it comes to men... I'll be totally honest and upfront with you - while many guys "talk" a big game...

99% Of Them Are ABSOLUTELY CLUELESS When It Comes To Really Knowing How To Seduce A Woman!

Ask any girl and she will tell you the same thing!

This can be really frustrating for us girls. Can you imagine how it makes us feel to meet a guy who we thought off as having "potential" to be our man, only to find out 5 minutes into the conversation that he has absolutely no idea what we want, how to turn us on and how to "sparkle" our eyes and hearts??!!


....and the worst part about this is that it's happening all the time!

Oh and yes, we actually DO want to be seduced! :)

"Just Steal My Formula Now!"

It outlines the 7 things that every guy must know about seducing "top quality" women. Simply enter your First name and Email address below, click on the red "Send It To Me Now!" button below, and it will arrive in your inbox when you're done reading this letter:


So if :

  • You often have a lot of nice outings, dates and interactions with women you like but never lead to sex or anything physical...
  • You just don't get women when it comes to their interests in style, fashion, etc... you don't know how to "get noticed", how to attract them or even where to begin...
  • You'd really like to meet an exceptional woman a woman who doesnt have any hang-ups so you can share a great connection, great sex, and a great relationship but it just doesn't seem like this kind of woman is out there - or worse, even if she is, that she wouldnt be interested in YOU?
  • You are able to sometimes create attraction with the women you like but only to have it fizzle out before things can even go in a sexual direction?
  • You feel like just throwing in the towel and giving up because it seems like you've tried everything and yet NOTHING seems to ever work
  • You feel like women have all the power and choice when it comes to dating and you have little or none?

You can kiss them all goodbye!

Consider me your new "secret weapon" for getting ANY girl you want! :)

Why Should You Listen To Me?

For starters, let me be clear that I am not a Pick Up Artist, or a therapist, a specialist, a scientist or any other type of ist ;p. I am, however, a WOMAN. A living, breathing, attractive, quality female whose blood boils when I see really good men like you get blindsided in the dating world.

Oh and apart from the many guest appearances I've made on the national TV, magazines, mass media, etc:

  • I was also awarded the title of "Worlds Greatest Wing Girl" at the 2010 Global PUA (Pick Up Artist) Summit
  • Many of the nation's top dating coaches & experts like David DeAngelo, Dr. Paul, Adam Lyons, Adam Gilad, Carlos Xuma and dozens more, turn to me for a womans perspective
  • The media has called me the Cheerleader for Good Men, Top Female Mediator In The War of The Sexes, The Go To Source For The Nice Guy
  • I have made a name for myself across the globe by being one of the few females who can clearly articulate what women REALLY want, rather than what they say they want
  • I am the ultimate female translator who not only understands what women want, but can give ACTIONABLE advice you can use to attract women starting right now

...And if you let me... I am going to help you learn how to get everything you want with women YOU want. You will understand a woman's needs and wants; how women really think, how to create crazy-love attraction, get more phone numbers from hot women than you could have ever imagined, and get the girl youve always dreamed of... the way we women want you too!

First And Only Of It's Kind... Ever.

You'll see what makes women melt. You will hear what makes our hearts skip a beat. I will tell you every single mistake you make and how you can avoid making them. I will tell you what to do and what not to do! Here is a small sample of the breakthrough techniques you'll learn in this program:

  • How To Get Any Girl You Want To Be Your Girlfriend: (From start to finish) -- The blueprint and step-by-step action plan to get any girl to want to be your girlfriend. To demand that you are all theirs and no one else's. You'll uncover time-tested, proven tricks on how to meet, mesmerize, make her "feel" the electricity... and get her to instantly develop wild romantic, sexual urges for you... fast.
  • Uncover a step-by-step action plan on how to bring out the 'animal' within any woman... however "closed off" or "reserved" she may seem to be... and it's WAY easier that most guys think! (Men have used these same "tricks" on me before and I'll be the first to admit, it makes me feel good about myself... it's like the most natural thing... ever -- and now's my turn to show YOU how!)
  • The 7 "under-the-radar" ways to go deep into a woman's heart and bypass her rational thinking... explore a woman's emotional state and get her to open up to you in a way that she rarely does to a man...
  • The 9 fantasies ALL women secretly have but are way too egoistic & self-conscious to admit to - and exactly how you can take advantage of this knowledge, LIVE out these fantasies with them & have them thinking of you as the one...
  • How to develop powerful body language skills & habits that instantly make any woman feel attraction for you. You'll experience changes so dramatic, youll have women you arent even interested at all feeling that uncomfortable butterflies in the stomach crushes on you (It is THAT good!)
  • Discover the 4 things ALL women absolutely LOVE to talk about... know this and you can easily connect, get along & "hit it right" with any woman you want, do this right & they will be looking forward to each & every meeting with you...
  • 8 proven, subtle  ways to "turn the tables" that changes the dynamics of the interaction to make it look like THEY are the ones pursuing YOU (Women LOVE this and can never seem to get enough of it!)
  • The 4 crucial words you must say immediately after you've approached a woman to ensure she stays and continues talking to you
  • How to touch a woman the right way upon first meeting her (without creeping or freaking her out) that can easily lead to hand-holding, closing with a kiss or even bringing her home later
  • Word for word scripts you can use to build instant connection & rapport to get a woman you've just met to completely open herself up to you & secretly have that Oh my God, we're so meant to be together! thought as you're talking to her.
  • How to QUADRUPLE your chances of getting a woman you really like to respond positively to you when you approach her, call to invite her to hang out, or even make a move to get physical"
  • Exactly why women put certain types of men in the dreaded Friend Zone and the 3 critical things guys must do every time when they're with women to stay far away from it (you won't get this information anywhere, not in the local library, bookstores, the Internet, I too was stunned when I found out about it)!
  • The 5 biggest mistakes most guys make when trying to be funny with women that turns them off completely (If you dont know what these mistakes are, and it's closely related to their deep cultural roots, chances are youre making it with almost every woman you talk to without you realizing it)
  • Instead of just learning little "tricks" and lines to say (which women easily see as fake & manipulative), if you want to experience long-term success with women, it's about how to build the kind of lifestyle you've always wanted - with YOUR goals, YOUR dreams, and YOUR mission... Because if you do that, women will follow you.
  • A simple technique on how to smoothly walk up to ANY woman and strike up fun-filled, playful, flirtatious conversations and instantly have her feeling that funny I dont know whats with this guy, but I just want to be around him vibe within the first few minutes of interaction.
  • How many times have you actually thought you met the most amazing woman ever... only to find out that she ALREADY has a boyfriend. Here you'll learn about about 7 simple, powerful ways to bond with her like no other, divert her attention, draw her into your realm, sneak into her heart and make her yours.
  • What are the 5 most common female personality types, how they work, and exactly how to deal with each and every one of them and still come out tops!

... and that's just the tip of the iceberg!

Use It To Get Any Girl YOU Want...

You'll never worry about "what could have been"... ever again. If you're open-minded and willing to do a little work on your part, then I'd like to show YOU how to do it.

Here are just a few of the other things you'll learn:

  • How to mesmerize and persuade ANY woman to DO whatever you WANT them to do... however "closed off" and "cold" they may be... this is as REAL as it gets as you discover how to "control the flow", calibrate with a woman's emotional state and give herself ENTIRELY to you within minutes of talking to her...
  • The 4 biggest differences between nice guys that DO attract women they want and nice guys that DON'T (or settles for women they don't really want) and how to use your natural kindness to give you a distinct advantage over the jerks and the bad boys
  • How to make a woman think about you all the time... even when you haven't talked to her for days!
  • How to amplify the sexual chemistry & create playful sexual tension when youre on a date with a woman that turns her on so powerfully, she'll be thinking about you day and night... agonizing to go out on a 2nd, 3rd, 4th date with you again...
  • How to subtly create sexual anticipation so intense with a woman in ANY given situation using nothing but words  SHE'LL be the one who will initiate everything, from holding YOUR hands, touching you, cuddling with you and even asking PERMISSION to kiss you. (trust me, youve love this!)
  • Older women are incredibly sexy as they are more "experienced", mature, capable of handling relationships smoothly, financially independent, and are extremely "skilled" lovers in bed. It can also be one of the SCARIEST places to be in because since she is older than you are, has life experience, she is often in control, and could easily manipulate you, and you can get hurt awfully BAD if you're going in blindly. Here, you will learn how to "turn the tables" and BE the one who leads and controls the dynamics between the both of you (These techniques has NEVER been revealed anywhere else before).
  • The 7 things you can do RIGHT NOW to GUARANTEE a woman will be attracted to you when you spend time with her... even if you don't have a lot of experience in this area!
  • How to design your life so the success you want with woman happens AUTOMATICALLY (Im going to share my proven methods for getting women to come into your life without having to do the actual work of going out to meet them)
  • Flirting conversation techniques -- how to continuously tease women & spin off endless conversational topics to keep groups of women engaged in hours of in pure flirting fun.
  • How to turn the conversation to sex and racy themes into your conversations that light womens sexual imaginations on fire... She'll be silently BEGGING you to bring her home at the end of the day (Most think they know how to do it, unfortunately they ALWAYS get this wrong)
  • Creating attraction in a woman usually takes more than just saying the right things... it requires a special combination of humor, flirting, body language, inner game, attitude, and other vitally important elements. Youll learn how it all connects to one another here...
  • The 6 secret reasons why women have one night stands and sleep with a man quickly (Yes, you can use these secrets to get a woman into bed the same night you meet her)
  • The 3 powerful ways to project that you are high quality, sexy and good long term potential mate to a woman immediately upon meeting her without actually saying a word!
  • Exposed! The crucial things a woman needs to sense about your personality before shell ever consider being with you sexually a partner (If you've ever had a good date or two with a woman only to end up NEVER seeing her again, its probably because you FAILED to convey these traits Ill show you how to project these powerful attributes quickly and easily, so women can sense it)
  • A down and dirty look into the true art of using teasing & playful conversation techniques to create sexual chemistry with the woman you're with even if you are of a more "uptight" character ie. someone who's not the "playful", "fun" sort of guy!
  • A step-by-step system any guy can use to become the type of cool, sexually confident & charismatic man that women LOVE to be  with
  • Every single thing you do or say can either increase or decrease attraction learn how to turn this to your advantage and make the most of every communication, action, gesture, and situation (this is advanced game at work... not for beginners!)
  • My favorite technique of all time! All women love a challenge. Here's a secret trick you can use that will make you appear to be the biggest challenge she has had in her entire life! Shell stop at nothing to make you hers (this technique alone is worth the entire program by itself!)

... and a whole lot more!

FOUR  Additional Bonuses (Worth $417.95):
"Yours FREE -- No Matter What You Decide!"

If you're excited about the amazing brand-new information that you'll receive in our program, then I think you're going to be astonished by what I'm about to do next...

Because I want to be sure that you have every technique you could possibly need to guarantee your success with ANY woman, for the next 3 days only.

I'll also be generously giving away FOUR ADDITIONAL SUPER BONUSES -- absolutely free!:

Bonus #1:  "Your Very Own Virtual Wing Girl Serving You 24 Hours... 7 Days A Week -- Guiding You Every Step Of The Way" (Value -- $147.00)

A wing man is supposed to back-up the lead pilot and never leave their side until the mission is complete.

As with any new job, hobby, or relationshipit takes time to integrate new skills into your daily life.

My Wing Girls and me have helped thousands of men overcome their fears of women and learn how to be The Man Women Want  but we know from experience it doesnt happen overnight!

There will be some slip-ups, some set-backs, and some unexpected obstacles along the way  and that's exactly why you need your own Wing Girl at your side to keep you on target and help you when you need it.

You will have two full weeks of virtually unlimited email support from your very own Virtual Wing Girl whose soul mission is to see you succeed in attracting the women you want.

She will provide you with advice and answers to your questions directly from the female perspective. You will be supplied with a direct VIP email address to your Wing Girl to ensure your questions receive top priority and prompt replies!

Bonus #2:  "CD Recording: How To Meet & Attract Top-Quality Women Into Your Life (Value -- $77.00)

If your goal is to get a "top-quality" girl as your girlfriend, I'm talking about the perfect 8s, 9s and 10s... it's DEFINITELY very do-able, but it's imperative for you to first understand that these women... they are a VERY different creature from an average woman.

And to get them in the first place and keep her for the long-term you must know a critical set of skills, techniques and methods.

It's absolutely crucial for you to learn and develop a NEW set of understandings and skills. If you dont know these new skills, you might be able to get a date or two with a "perfect 10", but your chances with her long-term are essentially ZERO.

Amongst others, you'll be privy to covert insights like:

  • The 4 things you must do every day to keep a perfect woman interested in you (Hint: It's simple, it's easy - but if you dont do it, she'll lose interest, turned off even - and the worst thing is that you won't even know why) .
  • If you're constantly feeling the need to impress a woman (especially if she's one you REALLY like) when you are with her... you'll learn about proven-tested ways to RELAX when youre around her so your real personality shines through, and builds her attraction for you without you even knowing about it!
  • If you've ever made a "mistakes" with women - saying the wrong things, acting hastily, doing the wrong things, not knowing how to handle drama, etc - that had you kicking yourself after -- you'll learn how to calmly control your emotions, regain composure and make MANLY decisions that will subconsciously draw her into you.
  • How to connect with your woman on a deep emotional level, so that she FEELS that you are with her, that you are "one" with her (This is something women look for when choosing a mate, so play close attention!)
  • Uncover the 7 inner desires of top-notch women -- You'll find out what she wants in a boyfriend/mate and exactly what you can to show her that YOU are her "Mr Right" -- the one she's been looking for all her life!

... and a whole lot more!

Bonus #3:  "Video: INNER GAME Mastery -- How To Eliminate The Inner *Poison* That Are DESTROYING Your Success With Women!" (Value -- $47.00)

If you've ever gotten so nervous and uptight that you fumbled over your words & acted silly as you're with an attractive woman...

If you've ever doubted yourself and became emotionally insecure as you're with women you REALLY like... to the point that she got turned off and ran away...

The 'problem' is ultimately... YOU.

Underneath, it frustrates the hell out of you knowing it was YOU who was screwing things up with women & your dating life... Women don't decide to feel attraction for men.

They don't consider all of his positive qualities, then add up all the dinners and flowers a man has purchased and finally consider how nice he has been then mentally say Ok, Im going to feel attracted to him.

It just happens.

... and this is why u must watch this video and start taking notes... TONS of it!

Inside, you'll be learning about how to trigger a womans deepest emotions towards you in a step-by-step "do this, say this, do that" manner, so you don't have to buy ANYTHING but instead, have women pursuing YOU :) I'll show you:

  • The 5 questions you must NEVER ask a woman (unless you want to kill her attraction for you INSTANTLY). These are questions almost every guy asks almost every woman he goes out with.
  • In case you don't already know, women are 20x better able to read subtle body language than men... I'll show you 7 subtle body language secrets that (when used together) make women feel attraction INSTANTLY!
  • The 5 best ways to flirt with a woman without her even realizing them. Do these and she'll instantly recognize on an unconscious level that you are a sexually aware, potential mate
  • Woman have been playing hard to get for ages (I'm sorry but it's just built in us!)... and it drives men crazy! Heres how to effortlessly turn the tables and have HER chasing you (I should know, I'm fallen head-over-heels for them time and again!)
  • ... PLUS a whole lot more!

Bonus #4:   "Unlimited Access To Our Wing Girls Private Access Club For 1 Full Month! (Value: $49.95)

That's not a misprint, it's not a typo and it's not a joke.

You'll also have 1-month full and unlimited access to my Wing Girls Private Access Club. You'll have free access to everything when you come onboard with us... from streaming audio sessions, to ScreenCam trainings, videos, interactive outlines, and more!

And if after 30-days, you agree that my Private Access Club is everything you need and more to carefully support, guide and bring your success with women and dating to the next level, you will be charged only $49.95 $19.95 every month.

But If you're not completely THRILLED with this, for any reason... just cancel anytime and you won't be billed a dime after that. Hard to believe? Well... you better be quick because this page is not going to be here forever! So again...

This program is going to take everything you've learned about dating and attraction, and RE-SHAPE it all to be used as a powerful foundation for your ultimate relationship.

But Why Are You Giving It All Away For $1??!  What's the Catch?


I Want YOUR Success Story.

I truly want to help people experience the kind of success my clients have enjoyedcall it ego. I want AS MANY success stories as I can get this time around, and this is my way of pulling all the stops to make it happen... by giving you my very first gem... F-R-E-E.

Of course, it's definitely a financial gamble for me to do this. And that's one of the reasons why you have to download everything for $1 and activate your free membership right now

Only The First 300 253 71 13 Members Are Eligible For The *FREE*  Offer!

That's right.

Once these initial memberships have been snapped up (this will not take long), the FREE download offer will be taken off and the price will immediately be increased to $49.95.

***Special Update***: Currently, the trial offer still stands. But I can't promise it'll remain tomorrow... Or even a few hours from now... Once we've hit the first 300 253 71 13 (and shrinking fast), the price will increase to $197 without notification.

Click here to take full advantage of the first-mover offer and download everything for FREE now...

Its Now Or Never...

Once you understand the factual keys of attraction in a woman, you can literally create your own reality - for the first time in your life, you'll have that sheer power to CHOOSE, not the one who gets chosen; to get that perfect 10 to be YOUR girlfriend... or even to sleep with as many "perfect 10s" as you want to and NOT *settling* for the average looking, boring girls that just happens to "turn up" in your life, like how it's always been.

Imagine the world of possibilities...

We've already done all of the work for you, and I want to offer you the chance to pick our brains, taking all of our combined knowledge and experiences over the past 10+ years and make them YOUR own.

Never before has a woman thrown out the rulebook and exposed every last intimate secret about what it takes to get and sleep with a great woman... fast. These secrets are vital to your success and - it's important that you understand them to get you into the lives, hearts and beds of beautiful women you want!

The life and girl you've always wanted is just a click away, so DO IT.

Offer A 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

Now you can test drive our product for two months with NO RISK!

If you think that our product is useless for you, simply contact our support, and will return 100% of your money. No Question Asked!

We'll talk to you again on the inside,

P.S. This entire program was created to show you the secrets we women WISHED guys knew about how to turn us on emotionally and fall head-over-heels for a man! I assure you, you will NEVER find these secrets anywhere else at any price, and we personally guarantee you will get the girl you want the very first time you use them! If you're unsatisfied with it for any reason... We'll refund every cent of your money, no questions asked, no hard feelings :)

P.P.S. If you've already tried out the secrets in our program and have landed yourself the girl of your dreams,  we'd LOVE to hear about it! We get letters from guys who are using our techniques all the time... We read each and every one of them and respond to as many as we can! It really makes our day... *muaks*! :)

So click here to download everything now... This decision is really a non-decision, don't you think? What do you have to lose?

Where else can you get that? When was the last time you heard even a single woman tell you what she really wanted? And more importantly... exactly how YOU can give "it" to her?

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